Hyperbolic Stretching Review

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Exercising to get in shape is an age-old practice. From ancient times, physical exercising and meditation have been the norm in regulating the body muscles. For sportspersons, the need to be flexible is the topmost priority.

Without flexibility, you are sure of not exercising. That, in effect, curtails the dreams of many people who wish to venture in various sporting activities.

Most of the stretching exercises are conventional and hard to achieve. They take longer to attain the desired results. Similarly, the traditional stretching workouts loosen the pelvic muscles. This, in turn, renders the pelvic floor muscles and your thighs weak in strength.

Thus many are turning back to the ancient methods of stretching workouts. Hyperbolic Stretching is one of the ancient stretching routines that are helping many achieve flexibility without much stress.

What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a stretching and body muscles toning program that helps attain athletic performance. This ancient workout program uses age-old Oriental martial arts techniques. The technical stretches help the body go beyond the barrier that inhibits the normal stretching of muscles.

The ancient stretching workout brings into focus the ways to bypass the physiological inhibitions. As such, once you bypass those obstacles, you will stretch without limitations.

How does it work?

  • The stretching techniques focus on the body system known as the survival muscle reflex. When you stretch your muscles, you subject the muscles to high tension. The body then releases its reflexes to help contain the muscles from tearing.
  • This mechanism makes the tender muscles stiff to inhibit the stretching. You then experience pain and resign from the workout.
  • This Hyperbolic Stretching program helps you arrest this situation by conditioning the muscle reflex inhibition. With a simple trick on the mind, the muscle mechanism relaxes helping you to stretch.
  • In contrast to the traditional stretches, the program helps bolster your muscle strength. It also gives you the utmost athletic agility.
  • Besides that, the program is simple to follow and maintain. It only takes 8 minutes of your time daily to workout. If you cannot practice daily, then you can do it at least four times a week. Since it is an online program, you can quickly master the routines without a regular trainer.
  • You can be sure of positive results after four weeks of religious training. Since the physiological anatomies of men and women are different, the program is into two. There are two specific programs for men and women.

Hyperbolic Stretching for Men:

The target result for the men is to improve agility and overall strength of the body. Men tend to have more body muscles. This program helps the men with unlocking the muscle inhibition reflex. Once this is over, then the body switches to agility and speed. With flexibility issues behind you, you can now capitalize on the momentum in your specific sporting area.

The last primary concern is the diminishing of muscle power. You do not need to worry as in the traditional programs. Hyperbolic Stretching does not tamper with muscle power. It realigns the brain to bypass the myotatic reflex that hampers the full stretching of your muscles. Thus the muscle power remains intact.

Hyperbolic Stretching for Women:

For various reasons, women tend to be more flexible than men. Again, they have more problems with the control of their pelvic area. This program helps them to gain back control of their pelvic muscles naturally.

The exercises help them attain better coordination of their pelvic organs and tighten their skin. It also shapes their lower back and thigh muscles. Ultimately, they regain their self-esteem, pelvic power, and radiant skin.

What Are the Hyperbolic Stretching Benefits?


  • You will manage to do full splits without any prior warm-up exercises
  • It empowers your mind with things to avoid when stretching
  • Your body learns how to bypass the muscle inhibition reflexes
  • You gain control of your full body flexibility
  • Train with ancient martial arts techniques for body vitality
  • Increases the penile size and muscles
  • Increases your body mass


  • Helps tone your thigh and calf muscles
  • Strengthens your vaginal muscles for improving intimate pleasure and increases libido
  • Improves the natural balance of hormonal production
  • Helps gain control of the bladder and bowel coordination
  • Helps improve the overall body vitality
  • Gives you lean body muscles


  • It employs highly effective methods of training over traditional techniques
  • It has friendly user manuals that are easy to follow and understand
  • The training instructions are easy to memorize
  • The program is safe and does not consume your time is highly affordable for all people
  • Helps prevent health disorders
  • It is available for men and women
  • You have a 60-day guarantee with the program, with a refund if you do not get the relevant results
    It comes with three bonus training manuals to help you in your daily routine


  • The program is not available offline. So you need internet connectivity to purchase it
  • It is an online program that needs a computer to download
  • It is a strict schedule program that requires religious exercising for the best results
  • You need some patience. The program gives you the best results in four weeks


With the world facing disturbing health statistics daily, it is good to exercise. Most health experts are calling for people to come out of their sedentary lifestyles and workout. With this simple self-training program, Hyperbolic Stretching is helping to improve the wellbeing of many in the world. If you wish to regain your body and health back in shape, then Hyperbolic Stretching is the program for you.

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